Eternity in an Hour

I guess I really can do quite a bit in 1 hour.

I can have a DotA game (zomg memories~)
I can write a Poetry Comparison essay (or at least I’m supposed to be able to~).
I can walk 4km with a field pack.
I can run 10km (or at least I could sobz degen liao).
I can swim 30 laps.
I can do 800 crunches and 200 pushups (ok fine this takes more than 1 hour).
I can earn $25 from tuition.
I can clear my cupboard of old clothes and reorganize it.
I can have a massage =)
I can fix around 6 pieces of my jigsaw puzzle (O.o yes I’m that slow).
I can read about 5 or 6 Cantos.
I can learn Candle in the Wind, Goodbye, Even the Nights are Better and brush up Your Song in a piano lesson.

Or I can have a nice chat <3


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