Fame >>>>>>>> legion

ok usually it is good things that inspire me… but i simply HAVE to write about how horrendous legion was. i’m not even going to bother with putting it in caps. it doesn’t deserve that status~ omg. horrible horrible show. horrible script, horrible plot, horrible acting, horrible symbolism, horrible fight scenes, horrible music. sheesh. i was hoping at least they got something like the 7 trumpet blasts right but no! they had 5 and gabriel appeared O.o and when gabriel’s mace started spinning mechanically omg couldn’t take it i burst out laughing. it was completely ridiculous pls. what a complete injustice to angels. do they just expect apocalyptic hype and biblical controversy to save their atrocities or smth ugh *disgust*

oh well then i watched Fame after that and that saved my night =) lol actly it was a rather bad movie but still… love the music and the dancing~ enjoyed myself tremendously. shall get e soundtrack happy happy =)


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