i met soo 4 times today i kid u not O.o

1). morning mass
2). ran into each other between our driving (our lessons were back-to-back)
3). went to stadium to run (haiz cui x2 cos got 2 of us)
4). sat in at drama prac

u’d think that we’d be sick of each other’s faces (aft iPoPoh some more). but e politically correct answer (and of course e fact that he actly reads my blog might have a little to do with it) is that prayer buddies remind each other of god =) so how can u be sick of god’s visage? oh well church junkies ftw~

things todo at the top of my head:

  • publicity stuff
  • tob
  • read psych magazine
  • read perfume
  • watch dorian gray
  • watch chicago
  • clear my table
  • keep my passport and other stuffZ
  • outings and presents


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