sometimes, or often rather, i make myself cringe by the things i write -.- oh well that’s e way it is. inception was some~ wa. no other way to put it. mind-fff. seriously. don’t understand how christopher nolan can do such imba stuff. i am officially a nolan fanboi~ too imba laaaaa wth memento, dark knight, now inception. sickkkkk. i want him to do riddler!! but lol can’t imagine anything getting better than his joker la. ahhhh~ i’m gushing over movies O.o

hm. we’re all blooming. in some way or another, we all are. this is that stage. bloomingZ of blossomZ buttercupZ and bubbleZ~

(this is prob one of those things that i’ll look back and think to myself -.- wth. powerpuff O.o) but it’s ok. i can laugh at myself. it’s smth i’m learning to do (and a necessary skill, or so my bro tells me, or egos will crumble against the onslaught of the caustic wit of law professors~). besides, i’m e only person that i can laugh at ethically so it goes well with my conscience =)

updates updates. twine was… hm. i kept being critical about it altho i must honestly admit i enjoyed myself. but beyond that human judgment, i really felt a sense of wellbeing during e ado and i just tot that: ok, this is god telling us that we did good =) and so we did!

we had a pri school gathering recently O.o it was a little weird and very social. but it was very nice to catch up with everyone. to see everyone. for old time’s sake~

taize was good =) so was onceuponatime & bang. “…there lived a very old stepmother who was also a witch…” very deluded. very fun~ desp me was really cute. but kinda forgettable. “it’s so fluffy i could die” kinda sticks tho lol.

jude says that friends dictate values. guess i’d agree. it goes e other way ard also la but as much as i’d like to hold on idealistically to my principles and individuality i must admit that pressures mold.

oh anyway. to all bloggers. and blog stalkers (laughs). tot i’d share with u my bro’s post on his blog: http://chatterology.blogspot.com/. affirmations, encouragements and (hopefully) inspirations~


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