it’s oooooooover

it’s finally overrrrrrrr. i’d be lying if i said e results didn’t matter cos i must admit that i was hopeful. haha i’m not really any more. but really, to put things in perspective, the experience was the end. the competition was merely the means. and if we take a step back and look at what we set out to achieve, i think we fulfilled a dream. my bro’s at first, then later ours too.

i’m kinda disappointed that i didn’t get to showcase everything i prepped for. but it’s like that i guess. we spend hrs preparing for just a few mins (12 to be exact) and that’s e way it goes. the process was really… exhausting, draining, intense. bah lazy to think of more adjectives. but srsly turning that damn bloody rock of an issue over and over again in our minds to examine it for cracks and flaws, then scrambling all over again whenever we discovered a new one. srsly. if there’s any fun in it, it’s purely masochistic.

still, there is smth to be said abt e beauty of a pure argument. e process of distillation. oh well. e words will come when it comes. i’ve had a little too much of logic.

as i said before, i could learn to enjoy this. scratch that. i’m learning to enjoy this.


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