10: Charlie

helo evribuddy dada sez charlie u mus rite 100 werds evriday so dat u can improov yor riting so i m riting 100 werds evriday n today is de fers 100 werds i sez dada but wad do i rite dada sez charlie u jus rite wadeva u dam wel plis dada is b hind me woching me rite now dada sez charlie for gods sake ware is yor punchewashen so. now, i! will” ed; in( sum? punchewashen n i sez dada m i doing gud he sez charlie u r doing jus fine n i hav richd 100 werds

hello i really hope no one gets offended by this it’s not meant to be mocking i purely meant it as an experimentation of style. no darker motives i promise. and i did ask permission, if that makes a difference. credit to ‘flowers for algernon’, or at least what i remembered of it.


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