little revelations

  1. shieldtox is awesome. i was wonderg how to kill a fly tt was buzzing at my light. and yes it’s a fly. not a bee or a beetle those are ok. but it’s like maggoty fly kinda fly. ugh. then i rmbed i had shieldtox in my room =) and so tt was e end of e fly.
  2. i was v happy when it rained today cos i brought an umbrella out =)
  3. TANGLED IS TOO AWESOME –> True Disney *nods* i hv e soundtrack <3 (on a sidenote, disney is srsly amazing. they completely revolutionized fairy tales. brothers grimm and hans christian anderson nv had happily ever afters… tt was all disney~)
  4. SO IS CONFESSIONS. just kidding~
  5. some things can’t be articulated. not tt they can’t be put into words; they just can’t be said out loud.
  6. hermione is really really pretty.
  7. my muse is really whimsical =(
  8. the year is ending; it went by really quickly. xmas is cominggggg =) xmas is probably my favoritest holiday. there’s such a festive mood and everyone’s making preparations and excited and all~ such a happy atmosphere

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