2011: it’s a new year!

oo it’s been a while. honestly, i tried to blog. lol i hv like 5 drafts w one sentence each or smth ._. think i exhausted my muse on my short stories~ but oh well new year deserves a new post. plus i missed my tradition of doing a year end ‘reflection’ on e 31st cos we went to soo’s hse and had countdown there so oh well. shud get ard to doing it. better late than never. twas triggered by e time capsule letter too i guess.

e year was gd i guess. awesome in fact. how could it not be lol more than half of e year was a holiday~ and i’m 21! i’m like. an adult~ zomg. but not in most ppl’s eyes i think lol. definitely not my parents. not even my own i think ._. but ok major events (as much as possible, in chronological order):

  1. jap lessons – dec ’09
  2. yikai
  3. ToB – jan
  4. SOW
  5. rome – mar
  6. exercise regime
  7. japan
  8. driving – apr
  9. ippt & training – jun
  10. confi retreat
  11. penang family trip
  12. ipoh trip – jul
  13. Inception (every christopher nolan movie can count as a major event in my year)
  14. sfx youth night
  15. law sch begins – aug
  16. mallals (a.k.a. hell week~) – sept
  17. castrate max =(
  18. sec 2 camp – nov
  19. 21st bday =)
  20. exams & study grp
  21. xmas

21 major events for 21 years of life =) i like. makes e ocd part of me happy. but rlly, this hardly does e year justice. it’s easy to list major events and milestones and achievements and stuff but to capture e experiences, e growth, e new friendships, e good old ones, e celebrations and e departures… tt’s impossible to do in one blogpost. and this year was all tt. and for how much i’ve experienced and grown, i just wanna thk god and offer it back as seeds to be sown and harvested. spiritual growth (to e pt of transformation), i guess, was e biggest change this year (apart from talkg like yoda~). i mean e change was big tt i came up with a neo-philo model and a neo-bucket list. tt’s pretty epic~

i still rmb aft e first week of sow when we ‘booked out’, i met ben and told him to keep track of me and to tell me if i changed too erratically. cos i didn’t wanna become a attend-one-camp-and-become-spiritually-high-and-holey-baloney kindof person who is just god-this and god-that abt everything. ohwell. i still maintain i’m not on a high. but as for god-everything, i see tt now as a goal and a gift, if i can surrender everything. so i guess my ‘fears’ were somewhat realized. not tt i’m complaining. i did write in my letter to god in lent ’09 (tt we only opened today) tt i wasn’t rdy to repent; tt i couldn’t do it on my own. guess he gave me  e grace to do so <3 bro fritz’s pounding of his crucifix definitely helped too. actly come to think abt it, it’s rly quite amazing what He did abt my woes tt i offered in tt letter. they were like… dismantled. disintegrated. and i didn’t even notice it cos it was so gentle. all part of e plan i guess.

they say as u get older, e years pass by faster. but it’s e same 24 hrs in e same 365 days (ok fine 366 every 4 years). i think as we get older, we just live life less. when we were kids, all we knew was e present cos we were too immature to wry abt e future and had too little of e past to reminisce abt it. so we lived each day to e fullest and each year seemed to take forever to pass by. but now we’re so busy and bogged down and everything just blurs and whizzes by if we don’t slow down to enjoy and savor all e little details. i’m glad for things like mallals and sec 2 camp and e study grp. it put law sch in its rightful place –> just another major event like e rest; merely part of e journey, rather than e destination.


  1. writing MAP? –> lol if i do get it it’ll be srsly exciting. but even if i don’t oh well i broke my psychobarrier of not writing full stories =) and tt at least, alrdy portends some interestg developments~
  2. personal compass course (certification?)
  3. sign language? –> elvish would be pretty awesome too~ tho i guess in terms of practicality lol clearly one wins out. not tt i’d be able to find places to learn anyway.
  4. wyd? –> i’m RLLYYYYYYYY lookg forward to e magis program. i hope nth screws uppppp.
  5. mooting~ –> cos this will prob be so imba and so intense tt i shall just distinguish it from e rest of law sch.
  6. ocbc cycling –> ok la can’t imagine how this can hv much major impact but i tot i’d add it in as an afterthought since i hv so few events tt are remotely physical~

see? it’s like i shared at e sow meetup. this year is gonna be excitinggggg.


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