log retreat

It’s been unnervingly still after something so momentous has happened. I keep checking e blogs and facebook for raves and gushes that come with the highs but there’s hardly a murmur anywhere. Perhaps each of us is basking in the afterglow. Reveling in the peace. Maybe. Or perhaps it’s the little awkwardness and shyness that we feel after things so deep and profound have been uncovered. Or perhaps it was so surreal that it felt like a dream, memories of it dissipating as soon as we wake up today, leaving behind only gossamer.

I’d like to think of it as treading lightly. We tread lightly around sacred ground. We tread lightly when miracles have happened. Because just for a moment, we caught a glimpse of God. And that deserves reverence.

I loathe to be the cause of the ripples, but things like these have to go on record.

Soo called it the deepest sharing he’s ever experienced. I’d agree. But I think also perhaps what we shared went beyond the deep and the profound; what we shared resides in the realm of gnostic. Sure, what we shared were things about ourselves. But go deep enough, and we uncover the part of ourselves that God resides in. And that perhaps, was what we were sharing with each other last night. We were sharing God in us, with all of us.

We carry each other’s hearts now, in all its fragility and brokenness. We carry them in our own hearts.


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