Walls of Silence

“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“What right have you earned for me to tell you?”

“Why didn’t you ask me?”
“How would I know to ask? You didn’t say anything!”

I live in a world of hidden meanings, inferences and implications, intuitions and connections. It’s a world of words unsaid and things undone, where the have-nots and the is-nots count for more. Where silences speak more than words, where omissions have more force than actions. Where indifference hurt more than hate.

Emptiness is definitive. Take darkness, for example. When there is light, it could be yellow light, or red light, or blue light, or white. Or maybe cyan, or violet, or magenta, or chrome, or maroon. Whatever. Black, however, is simply the absence of light. No such thing as shades of black. There’s just black, and not-black. That’s why it’s declarative. There are no possibilities in emptiness.It’s not a question about what things are. Things just… aren’t.

Blogs serve their function in that respect. It allows one to rant and rave to a faceless audience. It allows, for a moment, the outside world to have a glimpse into the chaos beneath the calm surface. It reveals, in its cryptograms, the cracks in the mask that begs the existence of a facade. Most of all, it lets them know you exist.


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