a nice recess week <3

it’s turning out to be quite an awesome recess week =) it’s been a long while since i did this proper blogging thingie so shall do one for this week.

so e week began quite suckily, w e todolist exploding from 3 to 13 on e day we submitted lawr ._. but oh well it was within mental prep la. but then e first half of e week became rather packed. first was e kino sale on sunday. had a gd session of retail therapy =) i bought half e Fables series, among other awesome stuff <3

kicked off e week w bmt. then in e night i had a catchup w ben, then csc ado. where i ran into and joined e basic girls for supper. most serendipitous~ but lol ok la it was honestly nice lol. i’m usually averse to random meetups but maybe cos it was so late or smth.

WE FINALLYY PLAYED CAPT’S BALLLLLLLLLL <3 but hm. i ached for a few days aft tt ._. plus i slided becca in a game of pepsicola and scraped my right hip. it made carrying my slingbag e next day a real bitch. but yea playg capt’s ball was fun la. running around barefeet on a grass field is nice =) tt day concluded e first module of personal compass too. and i actly hv an assgmt due in march sian. haiz i tot fr david was supposed to give us at least a year to do it~ anyone see interestg nice newspaper articles on ethical issues pls tell me.

wed we did popo’s fides tob session. prepping for e session made me realize e distinction btwn planning/preparations and worrying. i just realized tt i was rather detached abt e entire prep. wasn’t rly anxious or worried or anything. just didn’t wanna shortchange e ppl whom we were presentg to. and i told popo tt i didn’t rly care abt e results, cos tt’s not our pasa anymore. we’re just take care of e means. e ends is god’s problem. so being free from worry was nice =) ended e day watchg king’s speech with my bro and a gd chat aft.

thurs i spent a nice day at home. i read a full graphic novel (DK2, which was an epic failure compared to DK1, which is ._. considerg it’s still frank miller and lynn varley), and an ilt article. ilt articles are gross. i’ve resolved to read them sls style i.e. use a ruler and move it down e page at a fixed rate, regardless of whether i understand e content or not. tt limits e time i spend on each article. rate of ruler’s movement = k(length of article). e longer e article, e faster i read. nods. oh thurs i went for mass and dinner w becca. tt was nice too. and to top it all off, i found a new awesome cycling route to punggol and ended up at csc ado. suppers w ivan, here we go.

black swan on fri!! it was not THAT gd as i expected it to be. but still enjoyable la largely. company was pretty awesome too (don’t go ballistic, posef). went back to ri today to help out cos qh asked. gotta know e SL, met up w my rj junior. then had a glimpse into e bureaucracies of ymc. ended e day w pizza hut’s garlic bread and terminator salvation.

so… in summary: DK2, half of train man, half of sandman dustcovers, king’s speech, black swan, terminator salvation, 2012 and lotr 3 extended (tmr). not including many nice chats. pretty much an awesome recess week.


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