Forgotten among the lilies

I abandoned and forgot myself

Leaving my cares
Forgotten among the lilies.

– St. John of the Cross (Dark Night of the Soul)

i’m finally done w e book =) lent begins next wed and it’s strange cos my struggles (and what echoed in me when i read e book) were so lenten in nature. i’m apprehensive for what god has in store for me in e upcoming liturgical phase but oh well. take things as they come i guess. today has enough worries of its own.

got such a busy weekend ahead. a busy next week for tt matter. lawr memo and all. but amidst tt i think i’m doing fine. maybe it’s a post-recess week thing. caught up on work so this week feels relatively freer, so i’ve had more time to myself.

but i don’t just feel freer. i actually am freer i think. i feel unshackled and ok w being like this. i think i’m happy =)


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