The Chapel in the Field

And then I came to a clearing. Right beside me was a tree from which a tire hung from. It was the kind of self-made swing that I would imagine myself playing on in the halcyon days of youth of another life that was untarnished by Pokemon and Power Rangers. And a few of my friends and I would race for the swing the moment the school bell rang to see who could get to it first. But as I said, those are memories of another life.

At the corner of my eye, there was a barn. A tractor was parked outside. There is nothing to be said about them, except that they both seemed abandoned. Not in the sense of being derelict though. There was simply an old and rustic feel about them – forgotten about, but they themselves do not forget. Places and things after all, hold memories of their own.

But I have saved the best for last – what was right in front of me. And that’s the way it is, isn’t it? The best things in our lives are already right in front of us…

Bathed in the glow of dawn, a chapel stood straight ahead, some distance away. It had a nice little front porch where a caretaker would probably sit on a rocking chair after doing his chores, smoking his pipe, and enjoying the evening draft. And it was painted white – not pure white though. Churches rarely are these days – be it pure or white. But it was still beautiful. It looked like home.

It was a strange thing to see in the middle of nowhere – a little building in the countryside, beside a forgotten barn, in a field where children used to play. Yet, oddly, it fits perfectly into the picture. That’s the way God works, I guess. He fits strangely but perfectly into our lives. He’s present in the little pockets of memories that people have forgotten, and in the times when we are childlike and carefree. Most of all, He’s there when we least expect it.

and this… is my awesome new wallpaper <3


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