fri nights are special

jes is right. special memories deserve to be captured. special nights deserve to be blogged abt.

we’re on a roll i think. somehow, even tho we’re prob e busiest grp of ppl ard, our sharg grps remain e biggest. tt’s a dedication and enthusiasm tt is rare. it’s rly quite epic. our sharg table is so long tt ppl at e ends hv to lean over to strain to hear e ppl at e other end sharg. e supper round table at e hawker center had to be upleveled to a bigger round table. twice! (lol gettg fat tgt is clearly e price of fellowship~ haha)

we’ve got deadlines to meet, hell weeks coming up, races to run e next day, early morning exams, inner struggles and more. but we’re motivated beyond all tt to come and listen to each other and to know how each other is doing, and to tell one another the stories of the week. because loads of things happen in one week. and a week is a long time not to be a part of someone else’s life.

numbers aren’t everything, i know. besides, these phases come and go (altho it’d be nice if they were to go later and come sooner). but we shud ride the waves.

i wish i had novels of everyone’s lives to read and find out abt everything tt has happened at my own leisure. but i don’t. so fri nights will hv to suffice. tts e magic of fri nights – readg new chapts to e novels of ur lives. cos everyone has a story to tell.


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