chronicles of a pretty awesome day

6am: rise & shine (altho there isn’t rly any shine; and e hr is too ungodly to properly rise, so it’s more like tumbling out of bed)
6.30-7: mass (yep tt made e ungodly hr a little more godly)
7-8: send mum to work (tt made it ungodly all over again; i grumbled [which is a nicer word for ‘angsted’] all e way to her workplace cos e jam was so bad, and she told me there wouldn’t be a jam)
8-8.30: macs breakfast <3
8.30-10: slacking at e club, doing admin stuff, sorting out study grp qns and disseminating
10-11.30: ONE short hypo ._. and it wasn’t even handwritten. sighs. long way to go
11.30-1: swim (yay. much sense of achievement in exercising~)
1-2: lunch. at e ramen place at nex. it’s quite nice actly. it’s super salty. which kinda works for me.
2-3.30: a short hypo
3.30-4: nap (very rudely disturbed by two small boys whispering REALLY LOUDLY and doing weird stuff on their table tt made banging noises. i glared at them aft wakg up but their backs were turned to me so oh well. they couldn’t get petrified by my death stare. don’t think i hv a rly effective death stare in any case)
4-5ish: a short hypo
5.30-6: drive to tuition
6-9: yikai (a lot of nagging from me, pizza hut’s garlic bread and e usual bowl of strawberries. and snapple. haha i’m livinge life~)
9-9.30: drive to csc
9.30-10ish: ado
10ish-10ish-er: chat w liu (and e security guard)
ard 10.45: reach home


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