The way we record our memories – be it diarying, blogging, taking photos etc – affect the way we actually think about them. And we can manipulate our future to some extent, and make ourselves believe that we had happier pasts, if we capture our present through rosier lenses. Some times, if we edit a photo to make it brighter, we remember it to be less gloomy than it really was. Some times, if we diary about the day and record only our happy thoughts, we look back on that day with more memories of happiness than there really was. And some times, if we blog only about the good things in life, we forget for a while that bad things do happen.

Last night was not one of those times. It was one of those times that all you need is to record everything in detail – as it really was, as it really happened, as objectively as possible. And that’s good enough already perfect.

And to top it off, it was a Tuesday night of the study week. Who else runs around with 250 waterbombs at 9PM at the park just getting each other wet?

This is the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. Thanks guys.


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