holy week

i realize i dint do a holy week reflection. hm. kk so here goes.

i missed holy week last year cos i was in jap. so i tot this year, i rly wanted to get a full experience.

i began by promising to go for mass everyday. tt worked =) then tues we had tt rly awesome waterbombthing. haha it’s not properly part of holy week, but oh wells. i’m pretty sure god was there. ok yep so moving straight to e triduum (cos i hv contract to mug bleh).

couldn’t go for sfx mass cos i had to send my parents to e airport ard 6ish. so i went for svdp’s mass which began at 8. and… hm. nth was wrong w e mass; it went fine. music was gd. church was nice. priest talked a lot but tt was ok. but i can’t say tt my experience was pleasant. gg to a different church all by myself, when i rly just wanted to go b to sfx to attend e event tt e sowers’11 had planned w loggers was pretty wrenching. i felt lonely and impatient (din’t help tt e priest talked so much ._.) but when mass ended w e transposition, i just told myself to stay a while. it’s gethsemane aft all… maybe this was all part of e greater plan. and u know, maybe it rly was. being cut off, disconnected – tt all happened at gethsemane right?

so yea. i prayed a while, discerned it was time to go, then i left. i was disappointed tt e event had alrdy ended by e time i left. but zomg. sfx’s altar of repose was so imba. waaaaaa. much atmosphere <3 haha. so yea i went in, found a few loggers and sat at their pew. i prob thot of gg for supper once we were all done. but sittg in e pew and watchg e candles flicker in front, i decided to stay all e way. i can rationalize it by sayg tt i wanted to get a full experience; but i think e main pt is tt i just wanted to stay. besides, it’s a little weird to be all happy and laughing at supper when it’s maundy thurs aft all.¬†sometimes i prayed, sometimes i looked ard and observed other ppl, sometimes i just sat there and basked in e awesomeness of e altar; but basically i wanted to stay. it’s a little sad to see ppl standg up one by one to leave, and to hv no one stayg w me. but tt was nv e pt of stayg behind i guess.

it was a little amusing when e candles started to catch fire and e altar boys got all flustered. AND ONE OF THEM TOOK A FAN TO TRY TO FAN OUT E FIRE LOLOLOL. sry not tt i wanna be mean it was just rly funny haha. i was laughing at e pew and i was thinkg ‘hm this is not rly appropriate for maundy thurs lol.’

there was more to tt night. won’t go into detail, but suffice to say it was insightful and affirming.

k hm not much reflections for gd fri. mass at 3pm, then stations/passion play ard 6ish. oh i forgot to fast ._. hm e outdoor stations and e shoutg and stuff din’t affect me much.

oh yea and we had dinner aft stations. 3 separate tables at popo. i sat w tsui, jes, po and von. we had this interestg convo abt games lol. it was jes v.tsui. my head was w jes, my heart was w tsui. lol. both had gd arguments. von was e judge (no i’m kidding).

k delightful details aside, i felt quite off at dinner. i’m not sure why. i couldn’t trace e source. just felt weighty. not angsty or emo or anything. just… smth dint feel right. maybe someone was feelg down. maybe e grp dynamics were strained. i dono. i went home and tot a while abt it and tried to figure out why i felt what i did but i drew a blank. oh well.

easter vigil! ok had a study grp session (which, as usual, is draining, but fun) before tt so when i went for vigil i was damnnnnnnnn shag. for e first 3/4 readgs i think i ko-ed everytime i sat down ._. cui. baptism was rly awesome tho. it’s one of e most joyful, inclusive and welcoming events i’ve been to. u could feel everyone’s enthusiasm and welcoming spirit each time a person dipped in water. woo.

choir was awesome (once i started to get more alert to appreciate them). kenneth is imba as always. took some nice photos. had an awesome supper of teowchewmui@kovan. tho i doubt if its more healthy than rk ._. but it’s a nice change.

so to wrap up e week, we ended w a combined event. i dressed up on sat so i tot since there wasn’t mass i’d just go in shorts. but lol nooo it was easter so ppl were dressed semi-formal ._. so i contended for title of most-cui-attire. what’s new. hm i din’t particularly enjoy p&w. din’t feel much for it. halfway into e session i had an idea abt my sec 2 camp session so i just pursued tt.

then some pretty awesome food catered at sfx for lunch. jess swee and liver popped over to mug. and tt’s how e week ended – mugging. alrights. back to mugging.


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