i saw one of my schoolmates talking to the cleaner a few weeks ago. that was really… affirming.

small things like that reveal so much. i seldom notice my surroundgs, or notice ppl ard me. but i get rly intrigued when i notice these… glimmers in strangers tt i run into. like:

  • e girl who sat on her own ytd at mass at e darkened portion of e church, who dint go up to receive communion
  • e two brothers tt chatted so animatedly as they walked out of sushi tei even tho they’re older than me
  • e girl who dint follow e communion queue even tho it had reached her pew, and only went up after she was done prayg
  • e young ppl who are at csc ado in e middle of e night
  • e 15-ish boy tt stayed at e altar of repose as late as me, writing stuff into his notebook
  • e families tt came into church on maundy thurs just to pray for a while
  • e young man tt sat his kid on his shoulders so tt his kid could see e easter vigil fire
  • e two friends in e studyroom who always mug tgt

actly, in general, young devout catholics intrigue me a lot haha. it’s not just a similarity of interest thing. for a young person to be enthusiastic abt being a catholic, these are e things tt he/she has to face up to:

  • catholicism is not cool (arguably, altho badcatholic would recharacterize this. but u know what i mean)
  • our rituals truly nurture e virtue of patience. for energetic enthusiastic bordering-on-ADHD teens, gg for daily mass has gotta be a feat. appreciating DO at 15 years is just… come on u need more excitement in ur life. saying e rosary? there’s a reason why we only say it before we go to bed. precisely cos it’s so effective in helpg us get to bed.
  • u’re defying e stereotype. young enthusiastic catholics are just not the norm (tho i’m sure we’re all workg hard at changing tt)
it’s not tt u’re not interestg if u’re not a catholic (cf e double (zomg i realize it’s triple) negative; it’s in line w my education). u just get a presumption in favor of interestingness if u are.
these are just first impressions of course. ultimately i think everyone’s interestg in their own way. we’re all persons after all. it’s in e defn of a ‘person’ to be interestg. sometimes it just takes a while longer for some ppl.

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