it’s been almost 2 weeks since e hols hv begun. i’ve spent it on movies, readg, gg out, a bit of dota here and there, church stuff and some piano. it’s been awesome. i went to watch macbeth ytd and i was decidg if i shud follow e girls on e bus or just take NEL, which would’ve been a lot faster for me. but then i rmbed tt i had nth on. absolutely nth on. tt’s immensely liberating. <3 if this phase would nv end~ but sighs it will so i shud use rly treasure it.

i’m prob enterg anor time of change this hol. feel some internal shifts happeng. don’t rlly wanna ruminate abt it.

kk just a short post. i gotta get some output happening soon. hv session to plan, lots of ideas to write abt. just ugh gotta get down to actly doing them.

i am amazingly happy tt shang is back =) and this is only e beginning! many moar fwenz are coming home rawr <3


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