James & the Giant Peach

I went to watch James & the Giant Peach today on my own. Lol yes I watched it alone. It sounds damn sad I know but lol. It’s not that I don’t have friends. It’s just not smth that most ppl wanna watch (ok but yes sry shud have sent personal invite to u jess). But I still wanted to watch it. And I figured it’d be stupid not to watch it just because I was afraid of e stigma of doing stuff alone. So I got a ticket anyway and watched it on my own.

And I’m so glad I went to watch! It was super awesome!! Lol I felt quite out of place when I went into e theatrette cos it’s a production for children/family so e entire audience were like parents w kids. Then I’m this weird loner who’s too old or too young to fit in lol. But zomg e audience super cute pls. Young kids running everywhere, some holding e roald dahl book. And get this lol. There were theatre staff giving out plastic BASINS at e entrance for e kids to sit on cos if they don’t have smth to raise them up, they can’t see above e next seat HAHA.

E play itself was rly good. E set was super nice. Just wooden boards but rly well colored. Quite a small cast of 5 ppl – James, centipede (aunt sponge), grasshopper (plays e ukulele), spider, earthworm and ladybird (aunt spike). E actors who doubled were super awesome. They were both guys and their ‘aunt’ characters were super gross and super good laughs~ e guy who played aunt sponge switched accents btwn characters (centipede had this cool Viking accent that reminded me of ‘how to train your dragon’). Imbaaaa.

So yep all in all it was a little awkward. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself =)


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