i am freeeeeeee

._. e hse is cui cos aunty anula is sick. i hv no more shorts. faintz. had to dig up my dusty army admin shorts from my trunk to wear -.-

luckily there are still apples. there are no more apples =(

anyway. YAYYYY I HAVE NO MORE SESSIONS TO PLAN wahahahha. i played 2h str of dota today <3 can finally get down to clearing my 20-item long todo list ._. and watch all e movies i’ve been missing out on. and think abt stuff like short stories and ted. and tob plans. sighs. dislikes responsibility.


on a sidenote, i went ascension mass w mum on thurs. it was nice =) it made me realize just how long it’s been since i went for mass w my parents.


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