ok. new phase of life officially begins. i’m in log core, tgt w liver, soo and greg. not sure how we’re gonna cope without a girl in e team. but things will work out i guess.

it’s a bittersweet feelg, gettg elected. dint rly want e responsibility but tt’s a selfish reason i guess. time for me to step up. could see it coming la. and i guess i’m somewhat rdy also cos i do know i hv it in me to serve and contribute. dont rly hv big dreams yet, but they’ll come in time. i hv faith in my muse.

i told my parents tt i was in core. their response was a little less than enthusiastic. lol it almost bordered on disapproval, cos they worried abt whether i could cope w school. not tt i resent e lack of support cos i realize it’s not easy to understand how community can be so impt to ppl w their mindsets, but it’d be nice to hv a little more than ‘wa u got time or not?’ but oh well they know tt i know what i’m doing. so they dint harp on e matter for v long and e convo quickly returned to golf~ guess i hv even more of an incentive now to maintain a 2nd upper so tt no one can blame church for any deterioration.


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