confessions of a bojio-er

wa i feel super lazy to share personal stuff thru chat now. dono why ._. ok anyway.

hello loggers i am confessing: liu and i went for csc ado just now. we met e awaken ppl. ITS NOT WE BOJIO! we dint intend to meet them cos we knew we’d get scolded by e scary campcommandantwoman (she glared at us, but sent a much nicer person to tell liu off) and we dint wanna distract them. BUT. we ran into popo and he brought us to meet e rest. so i blame popo.

hearing them share abt their retreat experience makes me realize just how diff a silent retreat rly is. ppl usually say whether a retreat is gd or not based on whether there’s tt spiritual high or not (this is a rly simplistic way of putting it). but tt just doesn’t work for a silent retreat. it’s just weird to be silent and high at e same time ._. so i think my silent retreat was gd, even if it was just for e sheer experience of spending 2.5 days in silence. and i think i myself hv not fully realized e fruits of my rly short retreat. but fruits there are.

on another note, i had an amazing bmt session today. i felt like we danced. it’s been soooooo long since i felt like tt. but nods. ppl could live for such moments of flow and connection.

i rmb someone sayg (prob fr david) tt if happiness is defined by ‘flow’ experiences, where one becomes totally unconscious of e passage of time, then heaven’s eternity must be no-time, rather than long-time. it’s an interestg way to think of eternity. maybe then, we rly can experience eternity in an hour.

ppl always quote auguries of innocence’s first stanza. for a change, let’s go w e last =)

God appears, and God is light,
To those poor souls who dwell in night;
But does a human form display
To those who dwell in realms of day.
– Auguries of Innocence (William Blake)


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