I’m caught in the space between just missing LoG’s event at St Bern’s and missing my flight with my family. It’s like the fringes of both events just happened to overlap and I fell through that gap. It’s times like these that one inevitably wonders what plans God has in store.

Ok la I’m not actually as emo about being offloaded as I sound. I found it quite amusing actually. It’s like – ‘there and back again’, or ‘hasta la vista, baby’. Nah I’m being melodramatic. It was more like ‘bye, aunty anula! I’m going!!’, then ‘hi aunty anula, I’m home!’ 2 hours later.

Besides, there comes a point when you have enough faith to believe that God is working in your life, and yet cannot conceive of how He is. At that moment, you have no choice but to hit upon the next coherent idea – that God’s ways are beyond our comprehension. St John’s obscurity of vision; the dark night.

It’s the cup half-full version, of course. We don’t deny it. But half-full or half-empty, no one can deny that there is water in the cup.

I realize I actually have no idea what argument I’m making. Just that it sounded cool to point out that no one argues about whether there is even water in the cup. Zomg I sound like Lewis Carroll. Ok this is what happens when I have a pocket of time that is completely unplanned ._.


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