Flying Free

I figured I never wrote on a plane before so I might as well take the opportunity now to get a plane entry =) Honestly, I think I could make this a norm. I enjoy travel. The anticipation of experiencing something new, packing so that everything’s nice and efficient, having a break away from routine and things-to-do so that I have time to myself, talking to new people (surprise surprise) etc.

There’s a kind of freedom when your bags are packed. Because you know that you’ve provided for the eventualities and the worst-case scenarios. And there’s security in that knowledge. There’s liberation – the freedom to be in control of your life. It almost sounds like it’s a freedom from God’s plans.

Freedom is such a malleable concept, is it not? One man’s freedom is another man’s chains. The freedom from a dictatorship becomes the tyranny of the majority. The freedom from childhood becomes the shackles of adulthood. The freedom from the leash becomes the subjugation to nature’s laws. Is it better to be ruled by one or ruled by many? Is it better to be paralyzed by naivety or paralyzed by cynicism? Is it better to be forced by man or forced by nature?

God seeks freedom. So did Lucifer. The difference is that God seeks freedom for Creation; Lucifer seeks freedom from Creation. We should be careful about whose freedom we pursue.


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