Tinted Glass

He turned to the window as he walked. It was a dark night, so the thick glass reflected his image clearly. Which was exactly what he wanted to see – his own reflection. He wanted to make sure that he looked presentable, maybe even cool, if he could pull it off without seeming to put in too much effort. Let the others think that I’m looking out to admire the scenery, he thought to himself. That will mask my vanity, my narcissism.

Maybe we are all trapped behind tinted glass walls. And the thing about tinted glass is that it’s clear enough to let us see what’s outside, yet thick enough to reflect our own image back at us. It’s easier and more natural to see ourselves though, because that’s the image that is closest to us. But, if just for a moment, we are able to look beyond our own reflection, we are able to see the world outside – a world that is much bigger than our egos…

Sometimes I wonder if there are only ever two attitudes in the world. Giving versus taking. Others-oriented versus self-oriented. Loving versus using. It’s a simple dichotomy; maybe even simplistic. And maybe people’s motivations are too complex to scrutinize through such a lens. But to a person whose intentions can be clearly known (i.e. myself), it’s a refining fire.


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