escojo la vida

It’s been 3 days. And already I feel I’ve experienced so much. We’ve been dancing and playing games. Not at all like the kind of Ignatian silent meditative kinda prayer experience if that’s what u’d imagine. I dint rly think abt it much so hm I din’t have much expectations. Just taking everything as it comes.

Life is pretty simple here. We sleep in sleeping bags in a large room. Guys in one room, girls in another. Food is also simple. There’s a loaf of bread in every meal. You can almost use it to throw at people. Almost. Sometimes there’s food that we simply don’t eat. And sometimes there isn’t enough food. Don’t mistake me I’m not complaining. Everything still manages to turn out fine somehow. Oh and the flies here are awesome. They move so slowly u can just swat them w a piece of paper <3

By some reason that I fully attribute to the grace of God, I’m managing to just really be in the present moment and enjoy the activities. I didn’t even realize until people started sharing ytd about their inhibitions. Then I realized: hey I didn’t have those misgivings or introspective barriers! I wasn’t even overly-obsessed with our intra-community dynamics (as I usually am when I’m having an intense community experience). I was so much more outward focused. I was just… free. To be joyful, to live in the present, to really enjoy myself. And I really thank God for that.

Oh. Sagrada Familia. It’s only the grandest structure I’ve ever seen. Even more so than St Peter’s Basilica. The moment we entered we were all stunned. The height of the ceiling was amazing. The stone beams, the detail of the facades… ‘wow’ hardly describes it. Breathtaking. Srsly.

There was a talk ytd about joy. I hardly think it’s coincidence. This is probably a new area of growth – to find the mark of the Christian. To live in joy, and perhaps to lead others to such a lifestyle. I think I’ve been wallowing in angst for too long. It’s time to pick up my life as a Christian and live out the joy that God intended for us.

Our nights are pretty free and easy. I attended a night concert at e field tngt. Sat in e field on my own w a large grp of ppl. Could have gone w John or smth I guess but I dint know where he was and by e time I decided to go I was on my own. Everyone was appreciating e music. But not just e music. It’s not just e atmosphere of a normal concert. Because e focus was on God. I don’t know how or why, but it was just tangible. It was just so clear that everyone wasn’t just appreciating e music, but appreciating God in e music.

Everyone’s just yearng for God. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s so clear. It’s so powerful. It’s so beautiful.

Ok that’s pretty much for now. It’s a lot of random thots but I just wanted to record this before I leave for e magis experience (corporal body mvmt~ wdv that is). I think it’s gonna get a lot more exciting :D


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