I guess u could say that God fulfilled my expectation of wyd being epic, tho in His usual style – ways I never expected.

Wyd mass happened in an airfield (I think). We reached early in e afternoon ard 12 (vigil begins at 7). We managed to find an open space that was a lot further from e screen/altar than I expected to be. But that’s still fine. This is e list of too-coincidental-to-not-be-God’s-plan discomforts that made e closing mass epic:

1). Thorns
E epic-ity begins w e ground – it was sandy and filled w these thorny thingies that assaulted our slippers, sleepg bags and any bare skin that they could find. And they poked thru sleepg bags ._. so we had to find cardboard to put underneath our sleepg bags.

2). Sand
E 1.5 million crowd also kicked up e sand that got into everywhere. Soo’s and my black bag turned brown. Our glasses were covered w a layer of sand. Our legs had sand stains.

3). Space
Or lack thereof. We began by cordoning off a huge space to ourselves. But as more and more ppl came, we just had to squeeze tgt. Things bordered on becoming ugly for a while, which is pretty unpleasant since we’re all Christian pilgrims. But I’m glad we made space for more ppl, tho I woke up every hr cos I couldn’t extend my legs so my knees hurt aft an hr or so.

3). Heat
Here’s where it starts to get rly epic. E day’s temperature hit 40. It’s one of e hottest days of this Spanish summer. And it’s an airfield rmb? So no shade. Most of us burnt. I think I melted~ We tried to while away e time ninja-ing and playg other games but in e end I just stoned at my sleepg bag.

4). Rain
When e sun went down ard 6, I tot to myself: yay God is answerg our prayers (cos e sun usually sets at 8pm in Spanish summer). But maybe we prayed too hard~ cos it started to rain. Light and mildly discomfortg at first; then it became a full storm. It’s common to get thunderstorms in sg but in Spain, it rarely happens. Put this tgt w e hottest day in summer, and it’s too coincidental not to be God’s plan. From sunburns to shivers. Makes one wonder what his plan is, doesn’t it? E pope’s hat and script got blown off in e wind. Imagine tt.

Oh and did I mention we found a snake inside one of our trash bags (here’s where my sis swears never to go for a pilgrimage in Spain lol). In e middle of e night, I woke to hear ppl some distance away screamg. Guess we found out why in e morng. We wrapped it in anor trash bag. I wanted to just put it in e rubbish bin but animal lovers objected~ somehow I always assumed that animal-love only applied to warm blooded creatures. I have absolutely no qualms abt snakes dying. It’s a snake, guys, u know, e creature that has enmity w all of humanity? No? Ok fine. So we passed it to firemen on e way out instead.

Epic, indeed. Let no one say that we dint have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

p.s. Oh and we attended catechism sessions by the archbishops of Scotland (who’s also a cardinal), Dublin and Carribbean Islands over e course of e week. Regardless of substance or form, that’s just epic.


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