oo it’s been a while since i had an update. ok here goes.

str to e pt then. i feel i’m being stretched too thin. so i’m gg into my be-merciless-abt-prioritization mode and letting my head lead, relegating my heart to some dark recess of my soul. actly no la tt’s just being over-dramatic. i haven’t gotten that desperate. but yes i’m getting e whole ‘ok next week will be better’ but when e next week arrives, i tell myself tt exact same thing again.

e easiest thing to say is to give smth up i guess. easy to say, hard to do. sighs. i need more hrs in my day.

coy: i can’t wait for hanstsjio to finish lecturing and for puschnak (however u spell his name) to begin. v irritated w frantically flippg my muggers and ctrl-f-ing every case tt he cites only to realize tt it’s not in e muggers cos it’s some obscure aussie case, when there’s a perfectly good sg equivalent.

prop: what would i do without muggers. enough said.

clt: i’m doing a clt research essay on e influence of canon law on marriage law in sg. it’s a 6k word essay, which accordg to jess (and to my dismay), equates to 20 pages zomg. can’t imagine ploughing thru e research material. and e citations. faints. but ok it’s a gd alternative to exams, esp since there’s st bern’s. at least i can plan out my workload for research. but ugh faints i wanna talk to e priests versed in canon law but all no email address ._. must call them one by one to ask. siandiao.
*edit* ooo yay bro jo gave me email addresses :D

trial advo: looks rly fun and i’m excited to begin learng e skills. just apprehensive abt having yet another well to sink my time into~

ok tt’s it for sch. or at least academia. i figure tt my vocation now is still a student so i shudn’t keep thinkg of sch as ‘just one more aspect of my life’. it shud be anor central aspect of my life. which is why i’m stoppg myself from swinging to e other extreme and i’m still holdg on to some vestige of importance of grades. God wouldn’t want me to fail. CSS and moot competitions are all part of e student-vocation package too. just tt it’s a lot to handle~


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