Why Communities aren’t Companies

To the extent that both comprise of a group of people with a common vision, there is coincidence. That’s where the similarity ends.

1). The purpose of a company is profit-making.
The purpose of a community is Kingdom-building.

2). Companies are instruments of law.
Communities are instruments of love.

3). Companies are a separate legal entity; they are distinct from the members, shareholders and directors.
Communities are the individuals that form the company; they cannot and must not be seen as an ideal separate from the people comprising the community.
“Those who love community destroy community; those who love brethren build community.” – Dietrich Bonhauffer

4). Companies are based on contracts – goods and services are exchanged in consideration for valuable benefits.
Communities are based on covenants – persons are exchanged freely.

5). Companies have a doctrine of separation of powers.
Communities are open and inclusive.


2 thoughts on “Why Communities aren’t Companies

  1. Where Communities SHOULD follow Companies:
    1) The Core should owe fiduciary obligations, of good faith and of acting in the best interest of the community- those obligations should always be measured against the Articles of Association. I.e. the wisdom of each decision made should be measured against the Community’s visions/missions/ and any other discussed directions the Community embarks on.
    2) Each member has a stake and should be seen as such. More importantly, the nature of those stakes should be made explicit and clear.
    3) The Core must be accountable to the rest of Community, perhaps especially so on certain issues. A certain percentage of shareholders votes are needed for fundamental resolutions.

    1. lol if we owed fiduciary duties then soo and i would be in a position of conflict of interests no? since we sit on both the core of CSS and LoG haha. but ok la guess u could argue tt we fully disclosed our conflicts and had implied consent to cure e conflict of interests.

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