I know I always talk about yk (my tuition kid) like he’s a job; I always chafe at going for tuition lessons even though I’m treated really well. And I fully intend ‘treat’ as a pun here. I’m fed, paid, and even allowed encouraged to do my own work.

But what I can’t deny any longer is that I’ve come to really care about yk as a person. Don’t go all teary-eyed on me now. It’s a curse. Ok that’s too extreme. But even at best, it’s troublesome. It’s shackling. I can’t keep the professional distance any longer. I can’t place the things I need to do over the need to give him tuition any more. There’s also the point that I’m being bribed, which isn’t something that I can do much about ._. But the fact remains that I can’t place my interests over his, because his interests is partly my own now.

His exams is in 2 weeks time so gotta give some extra lessons. It’s bad timing cos it’s the same time as the moots but freedom is freedom. I’m not complaining, especially when it frees up one more slot. Mid-oct, please be less xiong.

4h tuition@9am tomorrow. Here we go again.


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