qn: how many men does it take to change a car tyre?

ans: 1 mech engineer, 1 chem engineer, 1 accountant & 1 lawyer.

i know. we’re tt noob. and we would’ve died without the engineers cos kong would have drove his car with his flat tyre anyway and i’d just convince myself it wasn’t all that flat to begin with.

so aft sendg elson off at e airport, we (kong, their 2 gd marist friends and i) came back to kong’s car and i pointed out tt one of e tyres was flat. or at least low pressured. to e pt of it being dangerous to drive. yx and mx mentioned. i wouldn’t know. i’m hardly authority on this, tho i do hv some firsthand experience to speak of.

if i was alone, i’d just call AA. then take a cab home. or smth like tt. but thk god for engineers, cos yx knew how to change a car tyre. lifeskills. things tt my dad would scoff at for us not knowing~ but lollll it was an adventure sia. we couldn’t find e proper tool for e car jack, so we had to use this lousy road thing. can only turn half turns. so it took forever to raise e car up to lift e wheel off e grd.

then we had to unscrew e nuts. which were so freakg tight. we huffed and puffed… and blew e hse down. no la. unscrewed e nuts (no not crazy). but yea. aft much toil and combined efforts, we finally unscrewed e nuts and changed e tyre.

ok la writg abt it doesn’t sound like much actly. but it was just exciting. adventure of e night~ lol it’s almost ridiculous to characterize a punctured tyre as an ‘adventure’ but u gotta consider e relative context.

and u’d think i’d be irritated cos i hv a ton of things to do and i could hv had an additional hr for research. but i surprised myself by findg tt i wasn’t all tt frustrated. life’s always entitled to adventures i guess, no matter how busy it makes itself out to be.

we drove home at 80 kmph lol. e spare wheel was amusingly small and mismatched w e other 3 wheels. so e car looked pretty strange. but we all got home fine. some things u just can’t take for granted.


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