u know u’re properly in mootmode when u can’t slp cos u’re thinkg of ur arguments, and u wake up thinkg abt ur arguments. no kidding.

live and breathe e moot, they say. it’s true.

e week’s been pretty ok so far, surprisingly. i’m exhausted everyday, yes. but think i rly just hv god to thank for gettg me thru. just when i think i’m stuck and i’ve hit a roadblock, inspiration strikes moments later.

i’m startg to see e false distinction between human efforts and divine grace. we instinctively shy away from conflation cos it’s arrogant to think tt we are (like) god.

but CCC teaches us just tt – tt god became man, that men may become gods. a proper post on this (a case for Doing) is long overdue. but then again, many other things are~ i’m workg on a do-only-e-necessary-and-nothing-more mantra.


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