God is Amazing


Fri 4 Nov 11.30AM: 2868.

Sat 5 Nov 12.20AM: 3.4k. Hit quota :D

Sat 5 Nov 1.30PM: 4469 (doesn’t include 2.2k of footnotes ._.)
=( dono if i can hit quota today. i’ve nv referred to so many catholic texts before~

Sat 5 Nov 11.30PM: 5228. Sacced bdmt. Word count doesn’t rly matter anymore. It’s more abt finishing what I have to say. AND I STILL HAVE ONE BIG PORTION TO WRITE ZOMG. But miracles have truly been worked. Praise God.

Sun 6 Nov 5.46PM: 6663. I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED 1ST DRAFT WOOHOO. now on to citationsisabitch.

Mon 7 Nov 11AM: DONEEEEE <3 on to exam-mugging~

Let’s go.


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