Roses, Crabs and a Pinata

My birthday was awesome. Here’s why (in reverse chronology, cos reverse-timeline narratives are cool. See supra Christopher Nolan, Memento (2000) at “powerpuffZ”. And no that wasn’t Carswell):

(0) Many wishes :D plus a letter that my friend came all the way to drop in the postbox.
(1) I went for mass with mum =) no one read the intentions but she made the mass for birthday blessings :D
(2) I spent my day mugging company (ok this point maybe not too awesome, though below more than makes up for it).
(3) I followed a trail of roses. No srsly. I felt like the girl in my dad’s old LaserDisc Karaoke MTV (Killing Me Softly with His Song) that picks up roses to find her lover at the end. Just that in the end, I got ganged by three cars, two tubs of haagen-daaz and a birthday-song-at-12-midnight-in-the-middle-of-the-road instead. Lol. Awesome, guys. Loglove<3
(4) The family had awesome crabs for dinner. I realize I really like crab.
(5) The study group bought a piñata for me. We wrote angst-notes and pasted them on the pinata. Then we hung the piñata on my chinup bar and stabbed them with O-Ren-Ishii’s katana. Then we brought it downstairs, and bashed it with a putter. Much refreshed and de-angsted, we then went back to mugging. Too epic.

22. Moving along.


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