Dancing through life

I’ve made progress guys! ‘Defying gravity’ is no longer stuck in my head. It’s ‘dancing through life’ and ‘for good’ now =)

Notwithstanding the frivolity of the song, I actually like that image – of dancing through life. The gravitas and austerity of our age is matched only by the derision and cynicism of our culture. We need a little more lightness.

But talking about being frivolous~ I spent last night curled up in bed, finishing the last half of ‘The Hunger Games’. It’s exciting enough to keep me up till 2am, captivating enough to make me forget about the guilt of not doing work. I started reading it only cos it got such rave reviews; I couldn’t imagine how a book with a ‘Battle Royale’ storyline could be good writing. But I take back my words. There’s some really good control of plot here. The pacing is quite extraordinary. It’s why I didn’t wanna stop reading.

I had my first jap lesson last night too. I thought I’d be drained by a 6.50-9.50pm lesson and come home dead tired. But the lesson is actually quite invigorating. It’s relaxing to learn something that doesn’t require 150% of grey cells. Since languages are a lot more repetition and internalization, there’s a lot less to think about and we just repeat after yoshinobu-sensei. So I actually came back refreshed =) all pumped up to finish my storybook. Which I did :D


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