Deep Night

I need Jesus. It feels good to say this with conviction. I say it every day in some form or another and sometimes the words just fizzle off into numb repetition. But every now and then a bad day hits like a 5-tonner in my face and I repeat those words – only this time, it’s with desperation and liberation. The desperation gives the words their authenticity; being authentic grants liberation. Because in that moment, for that moment, I’m no longer who I’m supposed to be; I already am.

Holy darkness, blessed night,
Doth call upon the morning light;
For fecund dreams stoke hearths of hope,
Whilst fragile truths and woes elope. 

Adorn thyself thus, with Joseph’s gown, 
Cling to the vision; trudge to the crown. 
Yea, O Star of Bethlehem, 
Lead us to thy New Jerusalem. 


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