yayyyy morning lessons tmr got cancelled :D hence some reprieve. god makes time for e timeless. but next week is scaryyyyy. last week before recess week! how did e time flyby? ohhh need i ask tt?

haven’t written at all this year =( gotta get a writing momentum started. but bleh. same old prob. i need more hrs in a day. alternatively, a time-turner would work. tho i’ll definitely violate e cardinal rule and visit myself if i had one. how can i not! zomg. too exciting. i can totally imagine if i see myself like right now, i wouldn’t think i’d be gg crazy. i’d think – omg he’s from e future, how did he do it, i’m gg to go back in time? okok chill. chant e mantra chant e mantra: fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

so dragons exist then?

*shhhh* it’s e calm before e storm. oh. my guestroom has a sofabed :D spent e night setting it up. baakathing.

fallg aslp while typing is a clear sign to go to bed.


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