from grace. from passion. from my bicycle.

like a noob.

decided to try out e lornie cycling route to school. my 2 main worries were finding a connecting route from bishan to lornie and crossing lornie road to sime road opposite to cycle thru e shortcut. so i was pretty excited when i managed to get past my first worry. there’s an overhead bridge w a ramp to cross over to e macritchie side O.o seems so god-provided.

so i was happily cycling along e pavement btwn macritchie and lornie road. it’s rly quite an awesome road to cycle. there’s no pedestrians, plus it’s a pavement so there’s no cars. and it’s un-disjointed. smooth long pavements w no pedestrians <3 it would hv been perfect. except for a stupid square manmade hole tt was uncovered. tt i completely missed. tt i ran over at full speed. tt made my front tyre burst. tt threw me off my bike.

so i had a great fall. no king’s men and king’s horses. no broken pieces to put together. just some bad scrapes, quite a bit of blood, a derailed chain (which is easily fixable), and a busted tyre (not so easily fixable). aft washing my wounds and marveling at what an exciting night i was having, e main prob struck me – getting home. cos i was stranded in e middle of lornie road. cabs are reluctant to take bikes; tt i know from no lack of trying. so not much choice had to activate my mum. thank god for her~ she came like a savior. in an SUV. haha.

reached home. fussed over e wounds. got scolded by my dad for making my mum come fetch me so late (it was ard 11ish). not as if i’m e kind tt will impose on them if i don’t need to. told him it was cos my tyre was punctured. then got scolded for cycling too far and too late. bleh.

shall send my bike for a servicing in case anything’s out of place.

open wounds are troublesome thingies.


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