1: Clean Hearts

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and steadfast spirit within me. 

– Psalm 51:10

Clean hearts, we need. Like the Tin Man in Oz. Because ours are unformed, hardened and stained.
Unformed through systems, hardened by orthodoxy, stained with darkness.

Ash wednesday! It’s the beginning of lent. Woke up at a ungodly hour to attend morning mass with my bro cos we both couldn’t make it for the evening masses.

Speaking about ‘clean’, there was a cockroach in my room ._. had much pleasure in shieldtoxing it to its squirming demise. If Christianity allowed for a doctrine that posits that Creation itself was damaged in the Fall (and not just relationships), I’d gladly support it by using cockroaches as examples. Ugh. Aberrations.

P.S. From Fr Ronald Rolheiser:

There are three key questions to ask ourselves when we are evaluating spiritual health:
(1) Do I pray every day?
(2) Am I involved with the struggle of the poor?
(3) Do I have the kinds of friendships in my life that move me beyond bitterness and anger?

I’m severely lacking in (2) I think. I should seriously consider pro bono. But bleh. Ticktock. Time is the limiting reagent.


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