30: Signs

Ask a sign of the Lord your God; let it be deep as Sheol or high as heaven.

– Isaiah 7:11

I need to sleep. I need to blog. I need to sleep. I need to blog. I need to sleep. I need to blog.

There are times that God puts signs in our lives but we miss every single one of them and just plod along, thinking that our God is a mute God. Today was not one of those days.

Today was one of those days when everything just comes together too amazingly that you just know that it wasn’t coincidence. Today was one of those days when certain things strike you so hard for them to be mere random emotional blips on your otherwise dreary day.

But it is one thing to recognize the signs. It is another thing to know what those signs mean. And. Er. I kinda have no idea ._. I just have some vague notion of their interconnectedness. And a very poignant sense of Other-worldliness. Which is very comforting. And liberating.

I came back not long ago from a pretty wonderful ado – one of the best that I’ve been in quite a while – the culmination of today’s events. It was with some measure of excitement that I got into Liu’s car. And with good reason. The moment I sat down in the room, the sense of Other-worldliness just enveloped me. I had a vision in my mind that was so sterling, so captivating. I wrote after that – to try to capture it – and the half hour flew past. I’ll flesh out what came to me some other day.

It all sounds very romantic. But I think we all need such times of consolation every now and then to remind and reaffirm ourselves why we do these things, why we live this way, why we are who we are. It is in these moments that the priorities sort themselves out and things are where they belong once again. It may be to prepare us for the tough times ahead, but I won’t shortchange my experience by compromising my gratitude.

It started with the How to Train Your Dragon (“HTTYD”) soundtrack. It resounded throughout the day. It still is. I’m so gonna buy it :D The other signs are:

  • Sat’s session
  • IOS meetings
  • Reviewing thesis
  • Meeting liu

Ok. I may not need to be of this world, but I need to be in this world. And I need to sleep so that I can do my assignment tomorrow. Bleh. I will be efficient tomorrow. I will be efficient – tomorrow. I laughed out loud when I said this to myself.

Gotta love punctuation. Punctuate. Puh-puh-punnnnctuate.


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