jap 8: The Tourist Privilege

Tourist Privilege
Definition: the shamelessness that a tourist is entitled to have by virtue of the fact that he is a foreigner. A tourist can thus claim that he is unaware of the local customs, beliefs and etiquette, and is entitled to a strong presumption of ignorance to which any accusations of rudeness, unglamness or foolishness would first have to rebut.

The Tourist Privilege covers:

  • walking against the flow of traffic
  • standing on the wrong side of the escalator
  • sleeping anywhere (trains more often than not)

  • screaming “FUS-RO-DAH” and other fantastic nonsense into dams

  • wearing yukatas the wrong way

  • wearing shorts and slippers in cold weather
  • singing and walking on public roads
  • taking kungfu jumpshots

  • taking kungfu jumpshots at zen sites

  • posing with random statues

  • sitting on the floor in public

  • trying free stuff and not buying anything

Today: Jap Alps





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