jap 12: Shopping, Reading, Watching

Another day in the big city. We did more city-stuff though i.e. we shopped. And walked around the streets. So good thing I brought along the most important item that I must have with me whenever I go shopping – my book.

Here’s quite an epic shot taken while waiting for the girls outside Forever 21. We would be taking an overnight bus back to Osaka in the night so Soo and I both decided to dress down (cue: abuse Tourist’s Privilege again).


Solitude of Prime Numbers reads like a Jodi Picoult book; it is written with more finesse though, I think. I’m only a quarter through the book, and I know the rest of it will be just as awesome as what I’ve already read.

Apart from buying a pair of jeans and random cutesy stuff at the 100¥ shops, I saw a pretty watch. I love looking at watches :D


The last time I visited Tokyu Hands, I remember thinking the exact same thing that I do now after 2 years: this store sells the cleverest and coolest stuff.



Back to Osaka!


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