jap 13&14&15: The Tale of the Traveling Euros and other stories

The Tale of the Traveling Euros

The two 5-cent Euros first made its existence known on Day 4. It caused a Japanese storekeeper to come running out after Jess, who had unwittingly paid the storekeeper with the Euros. The Euros puzzled us for a while, but we soon concluded that they must have been in my wallet (which I also used for WYD).

The Euros then later found themselves with Jes, who slotted them into a vending machine. They were obviously rejected – by the machine first, then by Jes, who gave them back to me.

On Day 8, one of the Euros went into a Japanese public phone. It rolled out quickly. It went in again. It rolled out again. Only after the phone got cut off did Jes realize that the Euro was a Euro, and not a 10-Yen coin.

To finish off, the last trip that the Euros made were to Soo on Day 14. They went sneakily in the night when I paid Soo back money for an onigiri.

Other Stories

Our last few days were spent back in Osaka. Baseball was epic. Muji is officially one of my favorite stores (not as much as Tokyu Hands though). And Neoprints shouldn’t have phased out because they are an experience in itself.



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