Wake of a Holiday

At wakes, people say things that the departed used to say, to immortalize them in the memories of others. So now that our holiday has passed and gone, we too will share what has been said. If not for immortality, then at least for hilarity.

*Mel passes Soo two boxes of disposable underwear*
Mel: “Nah. $16.”
Soo: “Dude, why does it say ‘panties’?”
Mel: “Huh? OMG”

Jess asks a random Jap old-ish dude: “Why do you ring the gong when you enter the shrine?”
Jap dude: “Uhhh. I dont know.”
Jess (after he walks away): “Oops did we just make him question his entire belief system?”

Soo (after seeing a seat on the train): “Ah I can see my resting place.”

*On the bus*
Jes: “Eh your scarf is a bit wet.”
Jess: “It’s ok I’m going to undress.”

Jes (after Soo does his usual irritating thing that he always does): “Aiyahhh the only rule is to let me win! [RAWR]”

Soo: “You are my beefy friend.”
Jes: “I will take that in the only way I want to.”

Soo: “Which girl prettier?”
Jess: “Me.”
*We stare at her*
Jess: “Seriousssss.”

Jess: “Maybe it’s poison!”
Mel: “Ok I’ll entrust you with my body then.”
*awkward silence*
Mel: “To fly back to Singapore.”

Soo: “Why are they taking [the statue’s] ass?”
Jes: “Hm. Is it nice?”

Jess: “It’s coldddd. Let’s huddle.”
Soo: “You can huddle with my bag.”

Jess: “I’m cold.”
Soo: “Want a hug? I’m not gonna give you one.”
*Jes opens her jacket*
Mel: “Come into my bosoms.”

Soo (note: THIS IS DAMN EPIC): “The best thing to do is to stir shit. Shit that is not true. Because that’s what I wanna do.”


I’m always surprised by how fast I adjust back to normal life after a camp or a holiday or any other extended period away from home. The routine comes rushing back: switching on the desk light, drop the bags, then on the laptop, on the heater, open the windows, log in, unpack a bit, use the comp for a while till the desire to bathe overrides the instant gratification of blog-reading and Facebook surfing.

But even with that rush of normality, today was a whizz.

We touched down half an early at around 4.40AM. My parents sent Soo and I back. I went through my routine (though I did feel a tinge of strangeness at bathing in my own toilet; after all, Japanese toilets are quite spectacular), then went to bed at around 7AM. It’s a great testament to my loglove for Tsui that I managed to drag myself out of bed at 8.30AM to cycle over to his house. The way he jumped out of bed when we we burst into his room, the light in his eyes when he finally got his D3 and his exciting story more than made up for it I guess =)

I went back home to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed again (a little less forcibly this time) around 1PM, lazed around a bit, then left home for the IOS picnic. Apart from me having to bring back boxes of sandwiches (which I managed to give to someone who’d eat them for supper), the picnic was rather well planned. We played frisbee with a random Filipino girl who plays competitively. She was quite tall, wore a dress and leggings. She moves like a ballerina, throws like a [insert proper technical analogy for frisbee-pros] and twirls the frisbee after she catches it as if she’s getting ready to use a ninjutsu (I’m serious).

Badminton at 7PM. I lost almost every single game, but it was still a good workout and fun to just swing the racket again. And that’s pretty much the end of the day.

Some stuff from my bagpack are still strewn around the end of my bed. But there are no illusions: the holiday has come and gone.

Back to home.

It’s good to be home.


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