Of Water, Earth & Sky

My favorite part of the dive trip was not actually the dives itself. I never really expected these dives to be spectacular. They were training dives after all. This trip is only a stepping stone to the truly great sights and wonders.

In fact, I don’t really know if diving is for me. Within the two-day trip, I had two headaches. The first one was so bad that it kept me tossing in bed all the way till 2am, when I finally dragged myself out of bed to pop two actifasts. Yet, swimming comes naturally to me. The supine grace, the beauty of this other world, the sublimity of the ocean’s quietude and colors – these are all quite irresistible. So even if I don’t pursue this all the way, I’ll at least pave the way to check ‘Great Barrier Reef’ off my bucket list.

But what I loved on this trip, what was spectacular, what made me swoon (at least inside my own mind), were the ferry rides to and from the dive sites. Check out the view:


The resort facilities are little to speak of. But the beach is quite amazing. The sand is fine and white, the water is clean and clear, the ocean is blue.

On our last dive, as the boat ferried us back to the island, I stood on the edge of the boat to just enjoy the breeze and the view: blue sea, green palm trees, white cirrus clouds – water, earth and sky. God of creation; God of wonders.

Nearing the end of the trip, I had a short conversation with my dive instructor, when he saw me wearing my LoG t-shirt:

“Melvyn, are you a Christian?”
“Yea, I am.”
“Which church do you go to?”
“Oh. St Francis Xavier. It’s at Serangoon Gardens.”
“Oh ok.”
“Are you a Christian also?”
“Nope.” He pauses a while.
“I used to be.”

I wonder which of the many reasons made a Christian a former Christian.

I wonder which of the many reasons would make a former Christian re-interested in Christianity.

Anyways. People. And a ramlee burger (I ate 2) :D






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