It’s childish wordplay, I know. But childish posts deserve childish titles. 幼稚 is more appropriate maybe. ‘Childish’ doesn’t have quite the same force as it’s Chinese counterpart.

How many times does it take for me to realize that people are more than the labels that I ascribe to them? At least one more than the number of labels I have for people, please.

He’s a jock (I felt like they were another species when I had lunch with him and his friends). He smokes (the sacrifices I make~). He clubs. He used to go CHC (imagine my shock O.o). He sleeps 10h a day during school-time (that truly deserves respect).

And he’s not all that bad, really. I don’t think we’ll ever become 莫逆之交; but being able to converse and connect is a big enough revelation for me.

I’m not innocent enough to think that all this is true warmth, rather than mere cordiality and skilful social interactions. But I hope I am mature enough to choose to believe that he is perhaps a good person.

Though it’s a little sad that he doesn’t miss being a practising Christian at all.

Maybe jocks aren’t all that bad.


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