Pre-Recess Week

I had a wonderfully slack week :D

– Uploaded SJ photos
– Watched TEDtalks
– Sent Yip off

– Finished A Study in Scarlet

– Met Jes for Ado

– Badminton
– Met siblings for lunch
– Played SC2 O.o
– Watched One Day
– Met Jess for dinner

– Sharing
– Watched Naruto
– Met Shang, Ivan & Posef for supper

– Played SC2
– Finished The Devil’s Disciple
– IOS gathering

– Played 7 Wonders at Von’s house
– Watched Ides of March

20120923-160651.jpg  20120923-160659.jpg

– Relished Eggs Ben & Lava Cake <3


I started playing Starcraft II again O.o I promise I’ll stop pretty soon. Games just can’t withstand the demands of my time that movies and books place on me.


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