Drafting Dilemma

After today’s 1Cor12 meeting, I realized a few things about myself:

  1. I like writing – narratives, vignettes, expositions, descriptions, even memos. I don’t like drafting, editing, transcribing. And I don’t like drafting.
  2. I never wanna get involved with drafting of any kind – be it contractual, legislative or constitutional (Constitutional might be exciting though). And if today was any indication of what corporate work is like, I’m avoiding it like the plague.
  3. I like writing alone – without people hovering around me, or pummelling me with their ideas and thoughts, or pressuring me to write stuff on the spot. I have this place that I enter into where the words and ideas just come alive. I go to that place alone.

Anyway, here’s how we feeling-types pass of as being logical.

‎”Having decided clearly what view you are expected to persuade the moot judge to accept, you must now work out how your argument is to progress to that conclusion. This involves reasoning backwards, as it were, because you start with the conclusion and then work out how to get there. Many of you probably feel that judges do this all the time, so it should hardly be unfamiliar to you. And if you need any inspiration, you can always read a judgment by Lord Denning.”

– Blackstone’s Book of Moots

The T-types feel for what they reason out. The F-types rationalize what they feel. That’s why ‘head or heart’ is a sometimes a false dilemma. Not because there are more than 2 options, but because there’s only usually 1 right one. And both head and heart should point to it. And if they don’t, well, either we are reasoning wrongly, or we aren’t really listening to our heart. Or maybe, we haven’t found the right option.


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