Notable events in the week

1). I studied for ICA. I covered kong’s session on logblog.

2). I studied for ICA. I finished my AGC personal statement and writeup.

3). I studied for ICA. I read Witness for the Prosecution. Brilliant stuff. No one creates plots like Agatha Christie.

4). I studied for ICA. I started reading Life of Pi. It’s very good. And completely distracting.

5). I studied for ICA. I had an indulgent and yummy lunch at Relish.

6). I studied for ICA. I went for All Saint’s Day mass, walked down the slope and chatted with Jes and tao huey.

7). I studied for ICA. I wrote my YoF post.

Hm I’m missing something somewhere… oh right, ICA.

Ok fine, I did mug. But ICA is all procedureeeeeeee *tears hair*. It’s not even intellectually exciting. Ok la maybe it is and I’m just too bored to really get into it. Plus the 24h-ness of the paper is making me complacent. Bleh.


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